You can be involved in either of two ways.

1) Members of the National A&WMA are automatically members of their local chapter and receive all membership benefits, including journals. Full membership is $165 and has no anniversary date for renewals. You can receive a membership packet by calling A&WMA at 1-800-270-3444 or e-mail to

Note: Chapter Membership is already included if you are a national member of A&WMA.

2) Join us as a Local Associate. This guarantees that you will receive all announcements, newsletters, and invitations to participate in Chapter events. Local Associate dues are $12 annually, running from May 1 through April 30 of each year. (If you join after September, dues are $6.00). Simply complete the form below and mail your check for $12, payable to NOC-AWMA to Robert Perry, NOC-AWMA P.O. Box 31454, Independence, OH 44131-0454 or if you prefer to pay via paypal (credit card) send Bob at email at and he will generate an invoice that will be delivered to your email address. Follow the email instructions to complete your local associate membership.   If you have questions you can reach Bob at the email noted or at 216-338-7057.

Northern Ohio Chapter application 2018